Office furniture

The Alfonso Scuotto Group srl, a company that operates in the field of art for over 100 years, with its experience, is able to provide a "turnkey" service to supply office furniture , contract, society and more, with certified materials and fine, exclusively made in Italy.
Union between craft, design and industrial production the Scuotto Arrangements will be able to provide an excellent service for the supply of office furniture, with its architects will help you, plans to achieve corporate space Vs. dream.
The attention to detail and the certified quality of materials, in addition to the total guarantee on the composition and construction of the same, is synonymous with safety for the customer, that no "thought" should "sit down" and enjoy your new space, fully furnished and prepared to the highest standards in 'Art.
Design and free estimates; our architects and management are at the complete disposal of the customer for consultancy and other, in order to provide optimal service for safety, quality and prestige.
Alfonso Scuotto Group Ltd .... office furniture and contract ... since 1908.

Arrangements rental and equipment installation

Attenzione: Alfonso Scuotto Group S.r.l opera esclusivamente nel settore degli allestimenti. Siamo stati oggetto di furto dei dati aziendali. Gli unici siti della società sono e, pertanto diffidate di altri siti che si spacciano per la nostra società in maniera fraudolenta, che opera con serietà da più di 150 anni nello stesso settore con passione e tradizione.