Our history has its roots in the mid-800 when the great-grandfather Aniello, learned the art of "the decoration" by Sicilian house masters (ie the decorators of the noble families), he returned to Naples Capital (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies ) and he became "addobbatore master" of the noble Neapolitan families. These are our origins.

To become by that time the design and decoration have become Life for Our Family, from when we were the decorators for weddings and funerals almost in all the churches of Naples. Damask fabrics from San Leucio, precious silks and fine finishes for the spouses and especially for funeral honors, just as the Neapolitan culture of that times taught and followed.

Over the years, the great-grandfather Vincenzo, my beloved grandfather Alfonso (who is reportedly the current name of our company), uncles Vincenzo Antonio with my father Cyrus have been able to keep alive the tradition to pass it to me, Alfonso Maria, 6th Scuotto generation, who assisted his father's experience and works to keep alive the values handed down the work, continues the art of the preparations, in Naples, in Italy and abroad, with passion, seriousness and professionalism.

The Alfonso Scuotto Group srl. It is a non-leader, but historical company (as I prefer to say), able to provide comprehensive services for furnishing of all kinds, with professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy, always ready to fulfill your every desire.

The look towards the future without forgetting the past ...

Arrangements rental and equipment installation

Attenzione: Alfonso Scuotto Group S.r.l opera esclusivamente nel settore degli allestimenti. Siamo stati oggetto di furto dei dati aziendali. Gli unici siti della società sono e, pertanto diffidate di altri siti che si spacciano per la nostra società in maniera fraudolenta, che opera con serietà da più di 150 anni nello stesso settore con passione e tradizione.