Coverings and tensile structures

Alfonso Scuotto Group srl is able to provide you the rental of covers for all your needs.
From the rental of roofs and sheds for events at marquees for weddings and receptions with personalized decorations.

Now you can rent the new Scuotto gazebo with wooden frame, customizable and modular, able to cover with special structures perfectly finished areas greater than 300 square meters. in order to create the best alternative to the "classic" shed (marquee), for a classy reception.
We wait in the company in order to present and show you the materials, including the rental of the gazebo and build together your event. Always different, simply unique.

Alfonso Scuotto Group Ltd. is:
- hire marquees;
- Covers large areas;
- Rental gazebo aluminum;
- Sale gazebo various types;
- Rental gazebo Scuotto Event wood with windows and sliding doors;
- Rental sails and pergolas;
- Assistance and restore your shell;
- Consultancy for hire marquees and coverings of all kinds.

Arrangements rental and equipment installation