Alfonso Scuotto Group S.r.l

Born under the sign of the festival, the company has its roots in an ancient activity dating back to '800.
When the great-great grandfather Aniello, inspired by the drape of nets stretched out to dry on the boats, he dedicated himself to "appear" and give "a sign of the party" to the popular celebrations.

The nephew Vincenzo reworked and made his art learned from his father Alfonso, until it becomes a springboard that enabled him to excel in the historic scenario, political, civil and religious social fabric of Naples.

In the early 60s Scuotto Alfonso, son of Vincenzo, with great humility and elegance, with the support of an experience unequaled, woven from decade to decade, creates a perfect combination of old and new techniques are, fully adapting to the evolution of times.

Pioneering arrangements in Naples in the conference, stand and exhibition sectors, which gives an impression of recognized prestige handed down their experience to the children Vincenzo, Ciro and Antonio, who soon will join him in leading the company ...

"Scuotto Alfonso & c sas "

An ever more demanding customers, the result of diverse market offerings, suggests to Vincenzo, Ciro Antonio and the idea of combining the implementation of the stands the conception and the design and production of materials and furnishings custom.

Thus was born the " ALFONSO Scuotto GROUP SRL "

Our future: MARS is all to set up! ...

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Alfonso Scuotto Group, tel 081275202 for generations in the field of arrangements and decorations , is a leading-edge, fully adapted to the evolution of time, using innovative technical equipment of tradeshows in Milan , creating custom arrangements and exhibitions , is also in charge of catering, of its integrated services for the realization of installations for exhibitions , conventions and events , equipment for conferences and decorations for weddings , fashion shows and fashion catwalks .

Particularly active in Naples equipment and installations in Rome , it specializes in the rental of sheds, tents and gazebos and arranging and leasing of furniture . We offer the hire of a gazebo or external covers , for weddings or events . 

We make arrangements for fairs dealing the creation, design and installation of arrangements with technique and creativity, with qualified staff, a large car park and warehouse equipped to guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of intervention, we set up events with the supply of decorations and stands for parties , receptions, weddings , conferences , we organize conferences  and religious, political, military and sports events.

Arrangements rental and equipment installation

Attenzione: Alfonso Scuotto Group S.r.l opera esclusivamente nel settore degli allestimenti. Siamo stati oggetto di furto dei dati aziendali. Gli unici siti della società sono e, pertanto diffidate di altri siti che si spacciano per la nostra società in maniera fraudolenta, che opera con serietà da più di 150 anni nello stesso settore con passione e tradizione.