The month of September è somewhat like the’beginning of the new year: a time of good resolutions and new goals to set. In this article,Scuotto Allestimenti wants to focus on the importance of the holiday, for the individual, for the family and for society.

In a consumerist society, celebration è is often linked to the superfluous. In truth; the act of celebrating encompasses symbolic values and very interesting dynamics that involve, in a virtuous circle, people and places.

The multiple meanings of celebration

Private and public celebration è an occasion for fun, in a space and time where the limits of everyday life can be temporarily broken. The celebration è an’occasion for sharing and strengthening relationships with family and the community to which they belong.

Celebrating also means recovering thesymbolic and religious element connected to important milestones in a person's life (communion, confirmation, 18th birthday party, graduation).

Celebrating also means revisiting and renewing the traditions of a place, the customs and traditions that connect people to their roots and thus to who they are.

Identity, sense of belonging, symbolic value, an opportunity to diversify and establish new social connections. In these elements so rich in meaning is also found Scuotto Allestimenti's conception of the party.


Celebrating also means expressing one's taste and elegance, banishing vulgarity and building a space rich in beauty where people can express their essence.

In this vision of Scuotto, there’è probably the highest expression of the meaning of celebration, linked to’exclusivity; authenticity; ,  beauty.


We have talked more than once about value, craftsmanship, the history and culture behind the practice of the master decorator and the related arrangements. We have never talked forò about the connection there’è between the act of celebrating and the economic induced.

The’ensemble ofeconomic activities related to the celebration embraces multiple productive sectors and professional figures related to them.

Starting with the’staging, we find the master decorator, the suppliers of drapery and furnishings, and the manufacturers and suppliers of decorations. To all this must clearly be added the’universe connected with professional cooking and catering.

The party as a mirror of societyà

Celebrating improves the quality of life, one of Scuotto's goals è that the magic of celebration returns to be a present and central element in people's lives.

The history of the party tells us about the social and cultural changes of a society; in some ways, the party è “the mirror of society.  Staging an elegant and tasteful party, as Scuotto Allestimenti knows how to do, has positive repercussions on many aspects of people's lives.

Now as always, Scuotto's good purpose è is always to bring the value of elegance and sense of beauty, to celebrations and people's lives.

Scuotto Allestimenti

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